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This collection is based on the similarities within Dutch and Indonesian folkloric clothing. Having multiple cultural heritages makes you rich in cultural knowledge. However, it is hard to find your place and acceptance in the world. Especially if these heritages clashed in the past.


You are flying in the "in-between". This collection will create a physical form of your heritages which helps you to reconnect and express both of them at the same time. The garment is your place in this world. 

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For centuries, folk clothing has allowed people to freely express themselves. Individuals creating distinguishable garments have helped cultures shape their own identity. In a way, they define the owner and tell their story. 

But for all their differences, these distinct garments do share some similarities as well. Through specific shapes and functionalities used in the clothing, a sense of connection can be discovered between the different cultures. 

In a world where everyone is so separated from one another, the clothing pieces in this fashion collection provide people with an opportunity to reconnect. They form a visual synonym to display this connection, but also allows you to express them at the same time.

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