This Indonesian garment is called a “Koetang”. The Koetang is a vest mainly worn by men. This particular Koetang is from the region Timur on the island Java. It was used before 1878 and made from woven cotton.

The other garment is called a “Beuk” . The Beuk is a famous garment, as almost every region had their own version. This particular Beuk is from Walcheren. It was used around 1870 and was made from woven cotton too. The Beuk is decorated with an embroidered heart on top. 
Both the Koetang and the Beuk are a mix between a t-shirt and a vest. They are made from simple patterns without any darts, which explains why the garments are flat. The shape of the shoulder is a straight line, because both garments were folded on top. The cloth has a hole in the middle for the head to pass through. Either side of the garments is (partly) open, but can be closed with ribbons. The open sides gives the wearer the freedom to move.