This is a self-portrait of me a few years ago.

For a long time I fight against my depression. Sometimes I still do. As a therapy I started to feel my own body I was not sad I was not mad, but I felt very empty. I wrote everything down and I saw a link between my feelings and my body. I tried to draw what I was feeling. The feeling of swimming but not reaching the surface. I felt so heavy and something on me was too huge. In the surface I saw a light and that was my resurgence. I found out that I became lighter when I was drawing. It was my way to find a way out off the depression. To become strong enough to swim where ever I wanted I made a dress of the drawings, so everyone can understand my fight against my depression.  A huge, heavy weighted dress, so everyone could also see my depression didn't fit me. I myself was not my depression, it was something else that I can't explain.