This top is from Solor, Timur. It was worn before 1878, mainly by men. The fabric was made from cotton. The cotton was woven by hand. It is grey with brown and blue lines. 

The Dutch top is called a “Boezeroen). It is from Mark- en, Noord-Holland. It was worn by men between 1800 and 1900.It was made from cotton. Generally, the boezeroen had one colour, black or blue. However, this blue and white striped boezeroen was made specifically for a groom. 

The tops both have a boxy shape made up of simple pat- terns. Only five patterns were used for this top. The front and back, the two sleeves and the triangle shape at the armpit. The triangle under the armhole has a functional use. It gives the wearer more freedom of movement. Like the “koetang” and “beuk”, this top is also folds at the shoulders. There is a hole in it, through which the head passes. Both of the necklines have a split at the front for more space.