There aren't too many men in the building industry and there is a shortage of women as well. New workers are necessary. There is only one problem; the building industry has an image problem many people think it's sexist but it ins't. Women don't feel welcome and men don't like to work in that environment as well. That's why I decided to design an anonymous mask as a statement.

For this project I've used an old workwear jacket of my dad. I was trying to make a technical drawing of it when I found some interesting shapes. I drew those shapes and tried to make them into a mask. The thing I didn't like about my drawings was that my mask became really flat. I tried the software Maya and with these masks I was pleased.

With an appealing and innovative mask, I made an invitation for some new workers in the building industry. This sector isn't only for men, everyone can work in the sector they want. The masks make you anonymous.


It is the way you work and not about your gender.